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The 2020 vintage growing season began well with good soil moisture and warmer temperatures.  The months of October, November and even into December proved to be exceptional growing conditions for the vines, with warm days and higher than average rainfall, resulting in healthy canopies, good flowering and fruit set.  Warm, settled weather took over as we began the new year and the vineyards, despite a drawn out veraison looked on target for a more typical harvest date.  The settled weather continued and picking decisions were made with confidence, easy when the fruit looked so good.  

Quince, musk and rose petal florals - textural and fuller bodied from partial fermentation in seasoned oak barrels.  Central Otago vineyard blend:  Lowburn / Tarras / Gibbston Valley / Wanaka

Click here for PDF of Tasting Notes for Maude Pinot Gris 2019